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Master the Basics, Prepare for the Future!

Our curriculum will allow for ongoing flexibility rather than strictly timetabled subject periods.

That said, we will focus approximately half of the time on Mathematics and Reading and Writing.

The other half of the time will be used to explore a wide variety of other dynamic subjects.

Math Formulas


Learners will master the multiplication tables and be able to do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations without the use of a calculator. This foundation will prepare them for complex tasks and problem solving.

Reading a Book _edited.jpg


Reading is the very best way to acquire new information and build knowledge and understanding. We will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts and learn to analyze what we read to identify the author's purpose.



Written language is perhaps the most significant invention in human history. By writing, we are able to organize and preserve our thoughts. We are able to communicate with others across great distances and across generations. Our priority will be to ensure that our learners are able to write clear and concise sentences and paragraphs.

Image by Hal Gatewood


Science is a misunderstood subject. Lately we have been told that we need to “trust the science” and listen to the “experts.” This approach mischaracterizes the very nature of science. Science is an ongoing endeavour to gain a better understanding of how the world works. The most influential scientists doubted what they were told to trust, and formed new theories about what had already been thought settled.

Image by Federico Di Dio photography


History is the story of the past, and all that has ever happened. History is filled with struggles, conflicts, and countless mysteries. At Little House Learning, we acknowledge and appreciate the struggles of those who have come before us, and what they have built.

Image by USGS


Geography is the study of the Earth and its inhabitants. We will learn about the features of the different regions of the Earth, and we will also focus on learning about the countries that exist.

Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko


Logic is the the practice of clear and reasonable thinking. Logic is also used in computer programming. An understanding of logic can help us examine claims or opinions and determine whether they are based on evidence or whether they are based on fallacious thinking.

Programming Console


Understanding how technology works has never been more important than it is today. Learners will have opportunities to explore the world of coding, and create games of their own.

Image by Stefano Zocca


Little House Learning values the importance of movement. Our program will involve hiking, playing, and development of athletic skills.

Image by Nosiuol


Little House Learning will utilize electronic learning apps, as well as various forms of media, for French instruction.

Image by Anna Kolosyuk


Little House Learning values all forms of creativity, including visual arts, music, and drama. Our learners will have ongoing opportunities to create masterpieces.

Image by Rai Vidanes


Preparing food, enjoying the outdoors, using tools and working with wood, and financial literacy - these are life skills that will be tended to in our learning spaces.

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